Facebook Photo Tool Google Photos

Facebook is launching a new tool that will allow users in Canada and the US to transfer their pictures and videos to Google Photos.

You can access the tool by going to Facebook settings and then to ‘Your Facebook Information’. Over here you can find the option that allows you to transfer your pictures and videos to Google Photos. However, you will have to connect your Google account before you can transfer the files.

The photo transfer tool made it to the masses back in December as a part of the Data Transfer Project. Facebook was due to roll out the tool to more countries in 2020. The tool started popping up for more countries in March including Asia Pacific, Latin America, and Africa.

Facebook confirms that in the next couple of months, the tool will also be available to other countries. Once the tool rolls out globally, Facebook claims that ‘people will also be able to transfer photos to other companies that join the Data Transfer Project.’

The Data Transfer Project – a data-sharing initiative by Facebook – was launched back in 2018. The idea was to enable people to share their data between different online services without any hassle. Several companies are collaborating in this project to bring portability a step closer in the coming future. It is still in its early stages but things are starting to shape up now.


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