Apple Maps Can Help You Locate COVID-19 Testing Sites

Apple users can now use Apple Maps for locating the closest COVID-19 testing sites in 50 states and Puerto Rico. This comes after rolling out of a new feature on Tuesday night. Apple Maps is now providing a list comprised of clinics, hospitals, urgent care providers, pharmacies, and dedicated COVID-19 facilities.

The tech giant rolls out this feature after weeks of collecting health providers’ information all over the US. It was requesting them to submit information about their COVID-19 testing capacity. The app also tells if you require a doctor’s referral before getting tested at particular testing facilities.

The information cards also tell about the working hours, address, phone number, and the website of the pertinent testing location. You will also be able to tell if you will need an appointment before visiting the testing facility.

Testing for the coronavirus is still a challenge in the US. Experts claim that the country must administer millions of test weekly if it wants to reopen safely. However, the US is conducting less than half a million tests weekly right now. But Trump administration intends to bump it up to 2 million tests weekly by the end of May.

If you switch over to your Apple Maps, you will realize that COVID-19 testing is now a featured search item. Once you select it, you will get a list of all the testing sites in your area. Moreover, if you were to zoom out; you will be able to see the number of individual sites in different areas. This is not the only initiative that Apple is working on during the COVID-19 pandemic. The company is working in tandem with Google to create APIs for digital contact tracing.


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