Apple Product Launches Are All Set For May – Expect MacBook 2020 And AirPods 3

Jon Prosser took to Twitter to share the big news – Apple’s AirPods 3 is all set for launch and shall be hitting the shelves in May along with the MacBook Pro 2020.

Jon Prosser is a reliable tech insider. The two products were lined up to launch in March as in the tradition for Apple releases. However, the COVID-19 pandemic resulted in the company never confirming the event.

There is no confirmation about the specs, as is the case with every Apple product launch ever. However, users might get treated to a brand new Apple H-series chip. It is a processor that the company employs for its wearables which implies that we can expect extra features. The H1 chip incorporated into the AirPods 2 was able to bring down power consumption while enabling them to actively look for Siri wake words to switch to hands-free digital assistant usage.

It’s still speculation but AirPods 3 might be touted as AirPods Pro Lite and shall come with a wide variety of features. Nonetheless, they will be priced at the same price mark as that of Apple AirPods Pro; $159 and $199 – the difference being whether you invest in the wireless charging case or not – once they are launched. Other rumors being circulated online in the tech industry claim that the 3rd generation of Air Pods will come with customizable tips but may very well not be equipped with the active noise cancellation feature that we all have come to enjoy and love.

The MacBook Pro 2020 is equipped with Apple’s Magic Keyboard, which is a shift from the Butterfly Keyboard and is expected to be a few notches up in terms of its quality. Whether Apple will change its screen sizes remains to be seen.


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