In-House Investigation Claims 160K Nintendo Gaming Accounts Breached

Nintendo Co. says that it is revoking the ability to sign in into the Nintendo Gaming Accounts via Nintendo Network ID (NNID). This is coming after almost 160,000 accounts have been breached.

Nintendo is a famous Japanese game maker. The company explains that login IDs and passwords were ‘obtained illegally by some means other than our service’. They are exploiting Nintendo gaming accounts since the start of April. It says that birthdays, email addresses, and other information about account holders could have been compromised. This includes users who had Wii U and Nintendo 3DS online accounts.

Reports of some unauthorized purchases have also surfaced leading to Nintendo taking strict measures. It is stressing that users should rely on two-factor authentication. The two-factor authorization is something that you should be using for all of your online accounts. This is a precautionary measure against any possible hacking attempts.

As per the gaming giant, passwords for the affected accounts are getting reset. Furthermore, Nintendo has put a halt to signing into any Nintendo Gaming Account through an NNID. The latest Switch console relied on a newer version of the Nintendo Account system. It could have been linked to the older accounts but not anymore. Nintendo has already conducted an in-house investigation for this breach. It is currently sending emails to the affected users.

Nintendo Co. has issued a warning that says ‘your balance and registered credit card / PayPal may be illegally used at My Nintendo Store or Nintendo eShop.’ This applies if you have been using an identical password for an NNID and Nintendo account. You should reach out to Nintendo ASAP if you believe that your account was affected.


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