WhatsApp Group Call

WhatsApp is launching a new feature for WhatsApp group Call. WhatsApp is preparing to bring the number of participants in group calls – audio and video – to more than four. The app plans on doubling the number of participants.

This will help crush all of its competitors by introducing group calls, both audio and video, which offer an unlimited number of participants. As of right now, group calls only support four participants.

WhatsApp is preparing to bring the number of participants in group calls – audio and video – to more than four. This places the social media app in a better position to take on its competitors. Google Meet, Zoom, or even the Houseparty applications are the most used applications during the COVID-19 pandemic.

There is still no information available about the limit on participants that WhatsApp will place for its group call feature. If you attempt to add more people to a WhatsApp group call during work from home, you experience the disappointment of finding out that you can’t have more than four participants. The news comes from WhatsApp Beta spectators. They appeared to have come across a piece of code in the Android beta version 2.2.128 of WhatsApp. For the beta version, the limit of participants has increased to 8. There is still unclarity if this number will remain the same in the final update.

WhatsApp is among the list of apps that is seeing a spike in their usage since social distancing became the norm. As of right now, WhatsApp provides its users with end-to-end encryption among other security features. This is one aspect that WhatsApp manages to cover much better as opposed to other rising apps such as Zoom or Houseparty. Users can rely on WhatsApp for audio calls, texting, sharing various media files, and to carry out video calls.

According to WhatsApp, it witnessed a 40% bump in its usage – a figure that increased since the 27% initial bump that it experienced during the start of the COVID-19 situation. In countries where the pandemic is entering the later stages, the usage of WhatsApp has gone up by 51%.

The new feature will be incorporated into both iOS and Android variants of the app. As per speculation, the number of participants might lie somewhere between 6 and 12. For now, we can’t say for sure at the moment as we await comments from WhatsApp regarding this update. We will keep you informed on when it will be rolled out commercially.


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